Safe Break at OU Remembering Lisa Weider

10 years ago I met a woman named Lisa Weider, she pledged into my sorority when I was the New Member Educator for Alpha Omicron Pi. She was a lively, spirited young woman. Always smiling and looking for the next adventure. She was young, smart, nice and energetic.

8 years ago this month we lost Lisa over spring break. She was in Galveston with friends celebrating a week off from college. Like all of us, Lisa was just having fun. In a split second she was gone.

Here is a video Ezra Gentle made last year:


Last night was Safe Break at OU. There were so many people who came to hear about Lisa and meet her parents Dan and Becky. They along with their oldest daughter, Rachel, have to continue through life without their energetic kind hearted Lisa. They share this message with students at OU every year for Safe Break. To encourage students to think before making decisions. Becky recounts the details of the day Lisa passed away. How they got a phone call and did not know if they would make it to the hospital in time. Dan talks about having a “designated thinker” and always carrying identification.

To make that easier, there is this really cool new product called an IceDot. OU is giving all of their students access to IceDot for free while they are in school. After graduation it is still only $10 a year.

Dan told the crowd last night that I have become a member of their family. It was a true honor to hear that from him, because I feel the same. I am so lucky to have the Weider’s in my life. They are truly a one of a kind family. With the biggest hearts anyone could ever imagine. I just wish with all of my soul we had become a part of each other’s lives for another reason besides losing Lisa.

It is so wonderful to see students still carrying on the memory of Lisa. Our collegiate sisters in AOII truly honor Lisa’s memory every year. They have Dan and Becky over to the house for dinner. There is a scholarship that the Weider’s set up that goes to an AOII member. This year the recipient and her mother came to dinner and met Dan and Becky. I am so honored to be an alumnae of such an amazing group of women.

Here are some pictures from last night’s Safe Break.

This is the banner the AOII women made

Dan and Becky speaking

Dan and Becky speaking

Huge crowd of women gathered

Huge crowd of women gathered

AOII's sitting in the front rows



  1. Lisa and I were pretty good friends and dated my Junior year in High School, however during my first year of college we naturally drifted and only spoke over the phone/instant messaged a few times on good ole AOL. (I can still remember her IM name: Lisa8weid. LOL!) Anyway, despite having slowed down on communicating, her death was and still is a shock to me. Not only because she was a friend and a girl I dated, but mainly because I still haven’t met anyone quite like her.

    Almost everyone who dies receives a memorandum stating “they were full of life” or “loved by everyone” etc. and it’s always over hyped. Not that those people were repulsive, but by no means more than average in joy and high spirits as claimed. However, Lisa was ACTUALLY like that and what made her special was that she wasn’t fake about it. I think most people can understand what I mean by that.

    I would be willing to bet that had she lived to be 28 today she would be a very successful person, yet still a goofball!

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