My Little Sweetheart

Lillian is the perfect example of what happens when you have a child just like you. She equally scares me to death and leaves me inspired with what I think she will accomplish. She is smart, persistent and ornery.

This is what happens when you turn your back on Lillian for 2 minutes.

This is what happens when you turn your back on Lillian for 2 minutes.

She gets this special glint in her eye when she knows she is making a decision that maybe her parents wouldn’t be fond of. I really think she loves pushing those envelopes.

Lillian doesn’t have much fear and loves climbing on top of all the furniture just so she can jump off of the top. But don’t worry about her safety. She will put pillows under the table she is about to climb up so she will have a softer landing.

She started dancing when she was only 6 months old and hasn’t stopped since! Sometimes it is the gentle nod of her head or shrug of her shoulders, but when her daddy puts rap music on his phone it is on! She can keep a beat better than any child I have ever seen. In public with background music? Lillian is dancing. Commercial on the tv in the other room? Lillian is dancing. Caloway singing the ABCs? Yep, Lillian is dancing!

She really loves hats and sunglasses, just like me! If she is ever upset she will immediately get happy when a hat is put on her head. She is miser

My little buddy.

My little buddy.

able outside in the sun without her sunglasses. Given a hat and shades she is a very happy baby.

She is intimidating with her stare, but also laughs uncontrollably when she gets reactions out of her daddy, brother and I.

As I have gotten older and become so close with my own mother I can only hope that Lillian and I continue our very special bond. Her spirit and the way she is already choosing to live her life is amazing to be a part of. I cannot believe how lucky Cory and I are to have Lillian (and Caloway) in our lives and to watch them grow.

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