My Baby Toolbox

There are a lot of things you learn as a new mom. For me, I had to learn it all. Playing with dolls and¬†occasionally¬†my niece– hardly ever unsupervised –was my experience. You hear that it is tough work and although I believed it I still wasn’t totally sold. How hard could it possibly be??

Well, I learned my lesson quickly. Breastfeeding, baby sleep cycles and trying to take care of myself were all a bit overwhelming. We also had the unique situation of a dog named Scooter.

Don't let this picture fool you. He's cute, but a handful!

Don’t let this picture fool you. He’s cute, but a handful!

Scooter added to the difficulty level because he is a jealous little dog. He didn’t do any harm to us or the baby, but he did (and does) steal everything. And not only does he sneak up on us and take pacifiers, but also breastfeeding guards. If you are not familiar with these they are very important when used. They are these little soft plastic things that fit over a mother’s nipple and help babies latch on and nurse. I used them for Caloway up until he was 2 months old. If I didn’t have one he couldn’t nurse. On top of how important they are, they are about $10 each! Right?! They were Scooter’s favorite thing to steal. AND I forgot to mention what he did with his prizes, he buried them in the backyard. No joke. More than once I would chase after him trying to see where he was burying his loot. Cory and I also went on a few treasure hunts in the backyard where one of us would find something and then hoop and holler in excitement.

That is where the baby toolbox comes in. I hide everything in my bra. I know, this sounds super hillbilly, but it works great! Maybe it is part of my ancestry. My great-grandmother Helen would sew pockets in her bra for her money. Here is an example of all the baby related things you can put there at one time: pacifier, breastfeeding shield, baby washcloth, cell phone. I am sure I could have fit more, but it’s not a competition just practicality.

And the moral of the baby toolbox story is I win and Scooter loses. Since I started carrying all of the most important things on my body, ie shield and pacifier, he hasn’t stolen any.

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