Wondering and Waiting

The anticipation of our baby’s arrival in this final countdown of pregnancy is like knowing the best present you’ve ever wanted is FINALLY on its way … only you really don’t know when it’s really going to be here.


Hey little man, it’s your daddy.

You must know what I sound like because you get still when I touch your mama’s belly and talk to you before bedtime. I hope my hand and voice are a soothing peace of protection and love for you … and a glimmer of what awaits you in this world.

You come when you’re ready, but we’re here, waiting, rather impatiently, with the love of a thousand lifetimes for you, and so ready to wrap you warmly in it.

You are my miracle, my dream. I never knew I’d be this close to being a father … to having you. And so I’m rather eager for your arrival. But I’ll keep waiting because you are infinitely worth every second of my time …

You’re not even here yet, and I can already feel the surrender of my soul to do whatever is in your best, as I’ve been enlisted on the most sacred of missions and will fulfill my duties at all costs, to my last breath.

See, your mama and I had both kind of crossed it off our list of possibilities for our lives to ever be in this very place, in this countdown of a baby … until we met each other and knew … because of how much we loved each other … that we wanted you, to share you, together.

We have waited all these months for your arrival but it has seemed so far off into the distance, until now. We’re anticipating you any day. And so we just giggle in excitement, anxiousness and tears thinking about you. Every day. Wondering and waiting. For you, my son.

We are dying to meet you, hear your voice (even in a cry), touch your hand, kiss your face and feel the riches of love and joy we’ve only heard about from others …

In the meantime please know your room is all ready for you.

All it and we need … are you.

Love always and forever,

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