We Signed Up For This

Cory and I have stayed up late every night this week. Both of us nervous talking in anticipation of today. The day Caloway has his procedure on his hips. I feel like I have talked about it and then talked about it some more.

Cory said something Wednesday night though that I am clinging to: We signed up for this

And we did. We decided last January to try to start our family. In June we found out we were pregnant. We knew what it meant to have a child. We knew we might not get pregnant right away and could try for years. We knew we could potentially suffer along the way during pregnancy. We knew that delivering a baby could be difficult. We knew that once that baby arrived it may not be as picturesque as our dreams (think sleep deprivation). One day he may hate us, marry someone we don’t like, fail history and hate computers. That is what we signed up for.

We signed up to have a baby and to grow our family. We want it all. The ups and the downs. Today may be a down right now, but I feel like it will turn into an up. Cory and I will find out we are stronger than we thought. That we can handle anything that comes our way, together. We will find out that Caloway is brave and strong.In all seriousness we are also making this decision so that Caloway doesn’t have problems later in life when hip dysplasia is much harder to fix than it is now. That is also what we signed up for. To do better than our best raising him and try to make the best decisions we can.

I told Cory when we were dating that downs are good because they help us define what “good” is. So with all of that being said we are getting Caloway up soon to take him to the hospital. And today will be a day to help us define all of the good that we have had and will have with our son. It is also another day in the life that we wanted that we dreamed of no matter the ups and downs. Because we signed up for this.


  1. Praying for all of you today. Being a parent is so amazing
    and so difficult at the same time. Prayers for
    healing for your baby boy and peace which surpassed
    all understanding.

  2. We are PRAYING for all involved, from the janitor to the surgeon : ) LOVE YOU & YOUR SWEET LITTLE FAMILY MAY GOD WRAP YOU ALL UP CLOSE IN HIS MIGHTY ARMS OF PEACE♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Polly

  3. You guys are pretty amazing people, you know that right? Cal couldn’t have asked for better parents, and I’m pretty sure that even though I’ve never met him in person, you couldn’t have asked for a more perfect baby. This is what family is about, and I know that you guys are going to get through this.

  4. Gosh, thank you all for so much love and care for us and our special little boy. I keep coming back to re-read these.

    He’s doing really well … the first two days for him were really rough, but we can tell he’s healing and getting back to normal …. lots of smiles and some giggles and sleeping better.

    We’ll keep you updated! But in the meantime, thanks for your kindness and thoughts and prayers!

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