Two Cooks in Santa Fe

Honestly, it was more like one amazing chef (my beautiful bride Lindsey) and a guy who can cook Hamburger Helper (this dude writing the post). But we booked a tamale cooking class together at the Santa Fe School of Cooking on Friday, June 1, 2012.

And I have to tell you … it was a blast. I can’t wait to do it again.

Lindsey loves to cook and is an amazing one at that (check my weight for evidence!). I’m spoiled on her awesome breakfasts and other things she cooks for our little family. It is one of the most special things she does for me and I’m so spoiled by it.

So when she asked me before our trip what I thought about taking this class, I jumped at it and said I loved the idea. It was something I knew she really wanted to do (she rarely asks for anything as I have to push her to do stuff for herself) … and I was also eager to learn after how much she loved me making her birthday dinner.

But I have to say … I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did though!

The chef-teachers were truly outstanding. You could hear their passion. And after about an hour of explaining what Masa is … I’m not sure we still know the difference between masa, masa, masa and masa .. because after all there are FOUR KINDS OF MASA!

There were about 15 or 16 in the class. And they had us split up and start making the tamales. You can see in the photo below of Lindsey cooking that she is in the middle of our little group! They were great and they tried to pull me in to do stuff even when I said I was the official “tester” and “backpatter.” I also was the official party pic guy for the class. (Gotta find some usefulness somewhere!)

Lindsey got a good laugh when the chef saw me hiding in the corner and asked if I was doing ok. The chef said I looked terrified. (Yes, Chef, I was terrified they were going to ask me to do something besides pull the seeds out of a jalapeno or put money in their parking meters!)

All in all the entire group made four different kinds of tamales and they are ALL amazing. I couldn’t pick a favorite. But we cooked chicken tamale, squash tamale, pork with red chile tamale and a DESERT tamale! YEAH BABY!

I’m so stoked for the next one … we’ve already talked about doing a sushi one, or an Asian cooking class as we love Thai and Chinese food.

My favorite moment of the day is truly reflected in our “big head” photo below of two of us.

I’m thankful to be married to my best friend and life partner. She is so incredibly supportive of me and I’ve had the most incredible time the past 9-10 days in New Mexico just palling around with her, laughing until we cried and sharing our hopes and dreams with each other.

Love ya, Linds, and can’t wait for our island trip soon!


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