Trip To The OKC Zoo

CJ and I have been on a mission to get our nieces together for a long time. Our dream finally came true a few weeks ago. We talked to our “baby mamas” as we affectionately refer to Crystal and Kaelin and arranged to have all the girls on a Friday.

CJ the ever thorough planner had already found out the times the zoo open and closed, how much wagon rentals are and the times for the specialty shows. When Rori, Triniti and I arrived, CJ and Adrienne had already been there 20 minutes and made new friends. Those two are a lot alike! We rented two wagons so the girls wouldn’t get too tired and CJ and I could each pull one around. We immediately went to the sea lion show, which didn’t start right away, much to the chagrin of our little companions. Trin wanted to see a lion, and immediately. Rori and Adrienne were ok until the show was over, and then they were ready for the next thing. During the sea lion show the “human performers” did simple dance moves, Rori went along with all of their movements! It was the cutest thing. The girls loved when the sea lions did their jumps, waved and blew kisses.

We saw bears, alligators, big cats, monkeys, but the lions were inside for the day. You should have heard CJ and I. “It’s ok girls, the lions are just napping, you know how you need naps too” or “We will have to come back soon to see those lions…what about the baby elephant?!” Our tap dancing worked and we didn’t get too many complaints about the lions. The elephant exhibit at the OKC Zoo is amazing. There is this huge walkthrough apparatus where the zoo visitors are high above the elephants and the elephant areas are amazing. I think that was my personal favorite part. Although, thankfully, our girls were too young for the anatomy lesson many children had as we went past the male elephant. I was so happy ours were too young to ask the questions other kids were asking. CJ and I went very quickly past that guy!

We also had a slight issue when Trin saw another child with cotton candy. I don’t think she could focus on anything else. “Lindsey, I need some pink cotton candy”, “Ok, but we have to wait until we see someone selling it.” over and over again. That vendor could not have shown up any faster! I made sure to take lots of pictures for proof when she gets older.

Lunch was an adventure, but CJ and I are a pretty good team. She staked out the table with the girls while I got all of the hotdogs and corn dogs ordered. We didn’t eat very long and we were off again. The girls in their wagons and CJ and I carting them around. I believe the wagons were great for the girls, they did save ALL of their energy. While CJ and I were exhausted. We decided one wagon next time so the girls can take turns walking. hahaha!

Anyway, the day was wonderful. I know I have some memories that I will not soon forget. I hope the girls had a blast too!


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