The Miller’s at OKC PRIDE

This weekend we spent time at the OKC PRIDE festival and Parade. We had such a great time, and I even have pictures to prove it! Last year Cory and I went and just had fun, this year we were on a mission. Helping spread the word of Matt Harney and the great work he will do for us in the House of Representatives.


We really had a wonderful time. Not only did Matt shake hands with at least 1,000 people, but the girls were so excited to be in a parade. Rori brought her drum with her…who doesn’t agree that parades need drums?! Rori also waved the ENTIRE time. Her poor arm had to be tired, but she stayed after it. Triniti had an ok time, she was very┬ádisappointed┬áthat she didn’t get to win “Princess of the Parade” —where do kids get this stuff? Cory was absolutely exhausted and I wasn’t that far behind his exhaustion level. Overall though we made memories that will last a lifetime thanks to another successful OKC PRIDE event!

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