San Diego

Ok, so you have probably seen the video by now of Caloway’s beach adventure. If you haven’t, you should. It is hilarious and a memory I won’t soon forget. But what we haven’t done is effectively told the story of our fantastic time in San Diego.

We were there to see doctors for Caloway, but really it was a great excuse to see our wonderful friends (really more like family) Dan and Becky. They were so kind and opened their home to us for almost a full week and gave us one of their cars to drive too! When I say they are more like family I mean it. Dan and Becky both volunteer at the Cabrillo National Monument which is a gorgeous place. At the lighthouse is where Dan proposed and remains their favorite place on earth.

We also accomplished Caloway’s first successful beach trip. We had Dan and Becky’s help, but Cal got to touch the sand and the ocean. He was a little confused, but he wasn’t angry with us.


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