Pictures of Bebe

Yesterday marked 23 weeks along for our little bebe. At 19 weeks we had our latest ultrasound and got to see the pictures that I am going to show below. We have gotten to see baby 3 times since we first found out we were pregnant, but this was definitely the best. So much was defined this time and we got to see baby moving A LOT. Which makes sense because he is moving all the time now!

To answer the question everyone is wondering…we held strong and did not find out the gender. Look as closely as you would like to the pictures, but the tech didn’t even know the gender. She preferred it that way. Sorry….kinda 🙂

Here are my faves from that day:


Not sure what it is about baby feet, socks and shoes, but they get me every time! This is a picture of my baby’s foot 🙂


I was so proud when this one happened….THERE IS ONLY 1 OKLAHOMA…..tear….


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