My Corymiller

I say this a lot…to Cory, to myself to anyone who asks about our relationship: I never thought a relationship could be this good. As we are waiting for the arrival of Caloway I can’t help but think back all those years ago when we met. A year or so prior to crossing paths with Cory I had made a decision. I wasn’t going to settle for just any relationship, just any man that came along. I even made a list with the help of my friend Rachel. I decided that if the next man I wanted to be in a serious relationship with didn’t meet the list then I wouldn’t commit.

With that knowledge I think back to when Amber England asked if her friend Cory Miller could join us for dinner that night. He lived next door and she hadn’t seen him have any guests so she wanted to check on him. I didn’t mind more company plus he was a tech guy and who doesn’t need more friends that can help them set the time on a VCR or fix their computer, right?

There was something about him. Even in the courtyard that night in the dark eating pizza…it was comfortable. Conversation was easy and I wanted to learn more about this guy who was living off of gatorade and cookie dough. **By the way, this is true. I saw his refrigerator it consisted of gatorade, cookie dough and bologna.

I was interested in getting to know him more, but I wouldn’t admit it to anyone. I am sure they could tell though, his nickname was “Your Boyfriend Corymiller.” Which I proudly labeled him as well. More to prove that I was in on the joke and that he obviously wasn’t my boyfriend or I wouldn’t call him that. Another side note, this is how he got his nickname: Corymiller. Because once he became my actual boyfriend we just called him Corymiller. It stuck.

So we continued on this path. Getting to know each other and toeing the line of liking each other, but remaining friends. We went to the movies…it was supposed to be a group, but everyone else bailed. I think I won him over that night when I took popcorn seasoning in the theater, hahaha. We went on long walks in Bricktown and would stop for yogurt and listen to music. We talked a lot in our courtyard. Really got to know each other and I really enjoyed all the time we spent together.

Finally I made a decision. He fit my list and I was all-in. He was leaving for Portland and I missed him. “My boyfriend Corymiller” really had become a part of my life. Upon his return from that trip forward we were basically inseparable. He became my best friend and the love of my life all at once.

And now here we are….so many years later. Not only did I not think I would be married right now I NEVER imagined I would be having a baby. (And all before I am even 30!) I wouldn’t be in this place if it wasn’t for Corymiller and the man he is. He is the kind of man I imagined when I made that list that I thought no one would ever live up to. The kind of man who will teach our son to be a real man. Honest, kind, hardworking, respectful, compassionate, loving and trustworthy.

Caloway is going to be a wonderful human being because of his father and I am the luckiest woman to have the pleasure of watching him be a dad and a husband.


  1. Linds, that was such an amazing life-changing night. I knew there was something about you too … this sweet, uber-opinionated, sassy girl who I could barely see but who had the best laugh I’d ever heard.

    And every day since I’m been so thankful for our paths to cross. Pinching myself now as in 5 days we meet our first child.

    BTW – you’ve also hooked me on Parmesan Garlic popcorn seasoning … now I can’t eat popcorn without it. 😉

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