Lindsey is 29!

I had the best ever birthday celebration. Not only did we have a wonderful weekend away, but Cory made dinner last night. It wasn’t his normal specialty, frito chili pie and cookies OR even his famous popcorn. Cory made spaghetti and meatballs! Complete with garlic toast and salad.

Cory with his meatballs

Taylor Seabolt and Matt Danner were also witness to the greatness that was my birthday celebration. Cory moved chairs into the kitchen so we could have a front row seat. We drank wine while he entertained us.

My front row seat

I know it sounds simple, but this was the best night ever! Cory worked so hard to provide us a great meal. It was so terrific. I had the time of my life watching Cory cook while we all joked and drank our wine.


UPDATE: Look for Cory’s newest book: “Cook dinner for your woman” coming sometime in 2012


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