It’s a BOY

They say there are few surprises in life. I disagree. Every new day is a surprise to me. 

I never know what each day holds. I can plan and plan and plan but it never fails something ALWAYS surprises me.

So after 7 1/2 months of waiting, we finally found out that we’re having a BOY.

Caloway Jesse Miller is due to arrive into our lives on Feb. 5, 2013. And we’re ridiculously happy and overjoyed to welcome our new little man into our lives very, very soon.

Not knowing for so many months when we could have and having so many people ask, I told Lindsey it would be so amazing to dream about our baby “in color,” meaning if we knew we were having a boy or a girl then I could either know I would be having a new best buddy to pal around with … or needed to buy a gun and shovel.

By the way, I have had my adorable princess Rainey (aka Gummy Bear) in my life for the last 7 years (and now I have Triniti, Rori, Elizabeth, Sailor and River) but anticipated helping their daddies and grandpas bully the boys who attempted to date them before they were 20 (or 80).

So I’ve been dreaming in color about Caloway (aka Cal and CJ) and all the cool things we will get to do together. But I must say my brothers and dad I think are already dreaming in REDNECK! It’ll be my luck that I’ll have an uber-outdoorsman son, but it doesn’t matter … I’ll still tag along and carry the decoys and freeze with him by the pond. 🙂

I can’t wait to have a son. (And next a girl or mini-Lindsey!)

Cal is of course kicking Lindsey’s lungs and as she puts it “training for the Olympics” as she finishes the final leg of pregnancy. But she’s absolutely adorable and compulsive in the baby stores buying plaid onesie’s and socks and shoes and looking online at crib sheets and materials.

She’s already such a great Mama Bear to her new “little man” as I see it glowing in her eyes and smile. Joy and thankfulness fill my heart for her and to have such a best friend and partner to share life together with.

So we’ve been dreaming about our little Caloway (named after Lindsey’s great grandfather and his middle name is after mine and yes, my own middle name). He’ll also carry another name that means the world to us, Miller. My dad is the only son with three sisters, and he had three sons. And along with Hunter, my cute little nephew (who is my dad’s best friend in life), Caloway will carry on our family name as well.

I’ve been wondering … what will his voice sound like? What will he look like? What things will he enjoy doing? And dreaming of how great of a President he’ll be.

Fathers can dream, right … in fabulous color.






  1. In living color – welcome Cal! Your excitement is palpable, Cory. No matter what you dream, Cal will be even more than that and beyond. He will no doubt be his own young man who matures into an adult. All on his terms while coached along by all the other Miller men before him. Congrats to both you and Lindsey. I pray for your continued safety and well-being all the way through Cal’s birth. Hugs!

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