Cory is 40

Welcome to my secret page for Cory’s 40th Birthday Celebration!

Come celebrate with THIS GUY!

Come celebrate with THIS GUY!

I have been planning a trip for months and most of it is a total surprise to Cory. He finally figured out that he is in fact going to Japan sometime this year. He doesn’t know when and he doesn’t know what I have planned for him. His actual 40th birthday is April 27th so we are leaving a month before his birthday.

Come and join the celebration as we say Anzen’na ryokò to Cory

The Details:

  • Musashi’s on the outdoor patio
  • March 25th from 6pm-8pm
  • You don’t have to stay the entire time to enjoy the fun
  • RSVP with the form below

Cory and I will arrive about 6:15 to have “dinner with friends”

We will walk outside on the patio to see all of his most loved friends and family. If you want you can bring a bon voyage gift to help him on his travels. At some point he will begin opening all of his travel related gifts and we will let him know that he will be leaving in the morning for a bucket list trip to Japan.

Here are a few ideas for travel related gifts you could bring:

  • Pack This! Notebook
  • Carryon cocktail kits
  • Travel Slipper Socks
  • Anywhere Travel Guide Game
  • Scratch Map
  • Adventure t-shirt
  • A giftcard for his instagram photos
  • A cool bucket list journal
  • Earbud holder
  • Travel adaptor
  • Germ kit
  • In flight spray
  • Jet Set Kit
  • Luggage tag
  • Funny luggage tag
  • Temporary travel tattoos
  • Travel toothbrush sanitizer
  • Travel Journal

Or anything else funny, creative or useful you think he would like!

If you can’t attend, but would still like to be involved. 

Send a message via email or a video to

I will share them with Cory on the plane the next morning. He really loves sentimental things like that!

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