Caloway’s Hiccups

I heard from many of my mom friends that the favorite feeling they had amidst the kicks and rolls were the hiccups. Some felt them often, others once or twice. I on the other hand have a hiccuping child. The books and blogs say that babies will get hiccups because they are practice breathing and with that comes some of the normal things we all encounter like hiccups. Caloway must really have some great lungs. No less than 4-5 times a day he is going at it.

Baby hiccups for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure feel like little balloons popping one at a time in a pattern. Caloway’s hiccups are at all times of the day…and night.

All I know is I hope that it really is a sign of a great set of lungs! And I can’t wait until he joins us on the outside and I can watch him hiccup instead of feeling them.

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