Birthday Weekend

As you all know, I have the most amazing husband, partner, friend and companion in Corymiller. He proves all of these things to me every single day. However, Friday he took it up a notch. He whisked me away for the weekend. We have both been feeling overworked and tired lately and each of us needed a break. So Cory and I took a long road trip all the way to Tulsa.

We stayed at The Renaissance, went to some wonderful places for dinner like Kilkenney’s Irish Pub. We ordered oyster nachos and something called  a Boxtey at our waiters urging and they were all amazing. Saturday we spent doing one of our favorite things: watching back to back movies. The theater was so close to the hotel that we just walked. We spent time in the hot tub, ordered breakfast in bed, and read. It was one of the most relaxing weekends we have had in a long time.

On the way back we took Route 66 instead of the turnpike and talked about our future. We are both “futuristic” according to our Strengths Finder, so it always energizes us to make plans and day dream a bit. I will say we have some good things in the works.

Although my birthday is today and the weekend was kinda for me, it was really for both of us. We both got to do everything that we wanted to and needed to so we are able to come back to OKC and get right back into the daily grind. I think we are both planning the next weekend getaway. Maybe one for April around the time of someone else’s birthday 🙂

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