Why Bath Time Is So Special

When Caloway was first diagnosed with hip dysplasia one thing I read repeatedly on support forums was “I don’t get to bathe my baby anymore” and similar feelings. I thought it was so silly. Bathing is the biggest worry these other parents have??? I even told Cory about this. That so many others concern was with bath time. We didn’t get to give Caloway a bath until he was 3 months old. For us there were bigger concerns than soap. We would sponge bathe him and use wipies and it was fine with us. I found others whining about baths frivolous.

As I was giving Caloway his night time bath last night I had a realization. Every night for 10 or 15 minutes Caloway gets to be a “normal” baby. No cast, brace or worries. He gets to kick and play. He gets to let his skin touch nothing but water and air. He isn’t stifled by anything and gets to just be a baby.

Not only that, but I get to have that experience too. For 10 minutes every night I get to touch my baby’s skin. I get to see him try to sit up–something he can’t do during the day. I get to feel free too. No braces or casts to worry about. No making sure I am holding him so he is comfortable. Sometimes I just sit beside him and help him splash and give him duckies that he throws out.

For those 10 minutes Cory, Caloway and I get to play and not worry. So now I owe all those other parents an apology for judging them. Now I get it. I don’t want to go back and take away these times. It isn’t about being clean and using soap. It is about the freedom we all get to have during bath time, even if it is just 10 minutes a day. I will take it.


Caloway after one of his baths

Caloway after one of his baths

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