We’re adding another member to our Miller Scooter Gang!

Yes, we’re having a baby and we’re so excited!

Baby Miller, our first (human baby that is), is due to arrive in February 2013. And we’d love your input now (as we may never ask or want it again!) on a couple of things.

  • Yes, you're entitled to request your own.
  • Say it here so you don't have to repeat it later. And yes, this may be the last time we ever ask! 🙂
  • Gosh, this is blantant, but we're so freakin' excited to be having our first baby and we are celebrating (ok, maybe not through every single day of morning sickness) but we're scared to death AND ridiculously happy.
    As you know we have two adorable, spoiled-rotten puppies ... they secretly don't want another person taking up their space ... but we also think they are pulling for one of their own. How about you? What do you think we're having?
  • We want to give you credit for your ideas ...