Another Reason I Love OKC

Today started with our country processing a national tragedy. What occurred at the Boston Marathon is devastating and we are still waiting to see the true effects. In Oklahoma we are mourning the loss of a brave officer named Chad Peery. We have all watched and cheered him on during his injury and recovery and our city is heartbroken with his loss. At home I woke up to a sick baby, on his 11 week birthday.

Cal was a little cranky today not feeling well. He was not keeping anything down and cried until he fell asleep on my shoulder. So off to the doctor we went. We were a great team getting to Dr. Dickman’s office on time and making it through the exam without a tear. Dr. Dickman wanted to take a nasal swab. This means putting a skinny straw into his nasal cavity and sending to the lab. To put it mildly Cal was not happy with this swab. I asked to stay in the office until he calmed down-which never really happened. One more step in this process is I have to take the swab to the lab, 2 floors down before I can get us home. It is supposed to be an easy process: walk into lab, sign my name, hand over bag and leave.

we walk into the lab and see 10 people already in the waiting room. I’m holding Cal, the carrier, and the diaper bag. I sign my name. Then Caloway has a complete meltdown. There is absolutely nothing I can do to soothe him. After 3 minutes in reality and 2 days in my mind a kind woman says, “honey, why don’t you sit down” as I look up and apologize to the room 2 others stand to give me their seats. Someone else grabs the carrier and moves it out of the way for me. I sit, totally embarrassed and still trying to soothe my very upset baby, now because something’s went up his nose and he’s very angry about it. I keep apologizing and all I heard was “it’s ok” and “no one here is bothered” from these complete strangers. They offered advice and antecdotes of their own. 6 year old Jaylon, tried very hard to make friends with Caloway and asked me all sorts of questions. He informed me that his baby (his 1 year old sister) cries a lot louder than mine. And he was utterly shocked he wasn’t walking yet. The woman to my right showed me a video of her great-great grandson giggling. A woman to my left assured me it would all be ok and no one but me could hear him. Eventually he went to sleep as one by one my new friends were called by the receptionist. As we waited Jaylon’s mother would grab the door so it wouldn’t slam and wake the sleeping baby And everyone continued to smile and tell stories. Eventually a man would tell the receptionist to give me his place in line so we could leave.

i know I’m tired and emotional with everything going on nationally and locally, but I was in awe as I left the building. In awe of the people around me this morning. I was Jan stranger to them all with a screaming baby. All I felt was love, compassion and understanding. Everyone in that room was waiting their turn eager to get on with their day, and yet they all ¬†stopped to help me. To make me feel that it was ok that my child was crying. To not feel embarrassed and to do what I needed to for him to calm down. I don’t know if this happens in other cities, but it does in Oklahoma City. It is one of the reasons why I love living here. We care about each other. When we see someone in need we don’t look the other way, we do something. I am so grateful I had this experience today. I am relieved I was able to go home feeling like we made it through, but not frazzled and in tears of embarrassment.

I am thankful that I live in Oklahoma City. Thank you to the strangers who helped me today I hope you all realize the impact you made on me today.

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