Adventure at the OKC Fair

It all started when Char bought Cory, myself, Triniti, Rori, Travis, Lou, Rainey and Kalia tickets to see Disney on Ice at this years fair. It is followed by me getting the start time wrong, finding no parking lots open, us paying to get into the fair (even though our tickets would have let us in for free) oh and $12 cotton candy. Yes, you read that last part right $12 COTTON CANDY!

But most importantly we had a really great time. The 3 girls, Coco and I got to walk around the fair for about 1 1/2 hours before the show started. We took them to the animal barns where a really nice 4-H kid brought his lamb out for the girls to pet. We were absolutely the city slickers walking through dodging piles and the girls (and Cory) holding their noses 🙂 We saw show horses and steers in the ring. Plus, the girls got to see baby chicks up close and little piglets that were only a few days old with their mama.

Cory took them through the “dinosaur” ride, while I had a snack, HEY I am pregnant! Triniti insisted on going even though we told her she probably wouldn’t like it. Halfway through she was ready to get back to Lindsey and made that known to Uncle Coco several times.By the time they emerged from the dinosaur, Travis, Lou and Rainey joined us. So Uncle Coco took the 3 older girls through the dinosaur ride again….only Triniti stayed behind this time!

We were still a little early and Lou and Travis wanted to look around a bit. So Cory and I took the 4 girls and made our way to the arena. Cory also left….so the girls and I played games. Like, “who can jump over the line the most times?” and “who can walk the straightest line” they had a lot of fun I am sure.

When we made our way into the arena for the princess show the girls could hardly contain their excitement. We immediately got Triniti some cotton candy, since it was the only thing she really asked for. All of the girls saw Travis and Cory flag down the cotton candy guy. And they realized that all of the people walking around with goodies would bring them some if they simply waved! Brilliant little ones, aren’t they? Rainey really really liked this specific aspect and really enjoyed waiving down all the people walking around. I finally told her if you flag someone down and don’t have money to pay them then they make you clean the bathrooms. I know, I am an awful aunt. BUT she didn’t wave them down anymore. Does that mean I am kinda good?

My favorite part was watching the girls as the characters were on the ice. They were 100% enthralled with the princess on the ice. At the end of the performance all the princesses with their princes skated around and waved at everyone. Including Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald. Mickey and Minnie did the last circle to go around the ice waving. All the girls were waving bye and when Mickey looked our way and waved…Rainey got super excited looked at me and in the most precious excited voice ever says “Lindsey! Mickey waved EXACTLY at me!!” It was awesome and made the day!

But here is what you really want to see: the super cute pictures of the girls…and of Uncle Coco.

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